Sunday, August 17, 2008

Now who?

So the Cavs got rid of my two favorite players, Joe Smith and (especially) Damon Jones.

I'm sure this new Williams guy is great and all, but who to cheer for now?

Why couldn't get rid of floppy Anderson?!?


Kelly and José said...

If they still have lance allred, the legally deaf guy on the team you could root for him. One of my friends met him at Dillard's one time said he was the nicest guy in the world. I am glad we got rid of DJ, I wish we still had Joe Smith though because as you know we have no depth at forward now. Also as you know someone needs to be here to teach JJ the ropes.

CB said...

Yeah, I can excuse the DJ trade, as my affection for him was mostly ironic - though the biggest charge I got all season was him hitting a last second jumper at a game I was at. Granted, they were up by about 20, the B-squad was in, and he'd bricked 4-5 previous efforts. Still, the completely unintentional roar I let out as I jumped up from my seat made the season.

I'm far less supportive of getting rid of Joe Smith. I'd have rather seen them get rid of Anderson. They are really gonna have to make a move for a big man this off-season now.

Anyway, Allred is a good idea, though I'm gonna need someone else, too, who actually gets some minutes on the court. Maybe Delonte, if the Cavs keep him around.