Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Bachelor Day!

If you didn't already know -- and there isn't really a good reason why you would -- today is Cleveland Bachelor Day.

More precisely, today is the first anniversary of my move to Cleveland. Or, at least, the start of my lease.

As a result, I have decided to dub it Bachelor Day.

Right now, there aren't really any fancy traditions to follow or games to play. If anyone has a suggestion, I'm all ears. Just remember, the day is all about me so plan accordingly.

In honor of the first Bachelor Day, I've decided to compose a list of all my favorite things this year. If you think I left something off and wish to ask me what my favorite thing is in some other category of your choosing, feel free. That's what the comments section is for.

Now, without further ado, the things that made this year the (first) Year of the Bachelor:

Favorite Lunch Spot: Melt in Lakewood
Favorite Dive Bar: Duck Island Club between Tremont and Ohio City
Favorite Music Venue: Beachland, Tavern to be precise, though I dig the murals in the Ballroom
Favorite Dinner Spot: Momocho
Favorite Cultural Institution: CIA Cinematheque
Favorite Movie Theater: Cedar Lee
Favorite Sports Team: Browns, though I enjoy going to Progressive Field
Favorite Media Personality: Kevin Keane of WTAM (I love the guy's sports enthusiasm!)
Favorite Cultural Event: Tremont Art Walk, though now I pretty much only hit up Asterisk, Doubting Thomas, and sometimes Visible Voice
Favorite Art Gallery: Asterisk (Dana DePew's place has the best vibe of any gallery I've visited in the USA!)
Favorite Place to buy books: Mac's Backs (Suzanne is a NEO treasure.)
Favorite Place to buy music: Music Saves
Favorite Place to buy clothes: Not anywhere special. I've probably bought the same amount from Shoparooni, TJ Maxx, and Brooks Brothers. Draw your own conclusions.
Favorite Place to buy groceries: The West Side Market (also a NEO treasure).
Favorite Place to have breakfast: Not much of a breakfast fan, though I've had an enjoyable leisurely time at Lucky's and some good cheap vittles at Nick's on Lorain.
Favorite Blog: Tie between Really Bad Cleveland Accent and Even Cleveland though there are many other good ones (see blogroll to the right ---->).

That's all I can think of for now. More category suggestions please!


Stephanie said...

Hey, congratulations!

Hmm... to celebrate one year in the Cleve I'd suggest checking out the new show at Artchitecture and then stopping at Koko Bakery for some savory pork buns (delicious despite the sketchy name), taking a disco nap, then getting friends and a picnic together to watch the dancing in Lincoln Park. I'd finish it up with a beer at Prosperity and a round of mini-bowling, then gaze at the skyline from Camp Cleveland before heading home.

Happy anniversary!

(and thanks for the shout out ... I'm flattered!)

taawd said...

i love duck island club. practically no one knows about it. it's great. i wish i would have seen this post last night. i would have celebrated more. you know, with me actually being a bachelor.

happy anniversary and i still hope you don't move to the east side. things are so much more fun here in ohio city.

Mark said...

Royal Bangs are amazing. I don't think the album is "inconsistent." It think it is eclectic. These guys have a lot of raw talent and I thought the album was very entertaining. They also rocked Bonnaroo.