Friday, August 29, 2008

This just in...

If you like/love/appreciate the Cleveland institution of Velvet Tango Room in any way/shape/form, you simply must, if you are ever in Boston, visit Eastern Standard.

Holy mother of freaking god, that place is something wonderfully special.

My friend and I had a great time, with a little bite to eat and a series of spectacular cocktails. Things got even better when we were invited to stay behind after hours and pick the bartenders brains -- apparently they saw something special in us. This turned in to an hour-and-a-half of the finest cocktail experience I've had in some time.

These guys do many awesome things, from making their own blueberry infused gin to ordering wonderful herbal essences from the far reaches of Earth.

The best thing is, you can get this exact same type of splendor at Velvet Tango Room any night of the week. I'm digging it in Boston, and plan to go back again tomorrow, but I'm also looking forward to getting home to Clevo and reminding myself how fantastic the cocktail opportunities at VTR are there.


paulius said...

Justin, Thanks for the compliment. And tell the Eatern Standard that the VTR sends it's best.

Mel said...

CB, I'm up for a VTR happy hour any time! Hands down, one of my favorite places in Cleveland.

Kelly and José said...

I am sure eastern standard is great but nothing can compare with's been too long since I was last at VTR. As far as Boston I heard quite the opposite that the woman there are not very beautiful, well not physically. Although as you know intelligence is beyond sexy in a woman.


paulius said...

I propose that CB, Mel, Kelly &Jose and I meet for HappyHour on the patio while the warmth of summer is still with us. Topics for discussion would include politics, relationships, Cleveland related stuff, women of Boston. And Whiskey Sours.

Kelly and José said...

I'll be in Boston for an extended weekend in October :) During which, my friends and I most definitely will check out The Eastern Standard*