Thursday, August 14, 2008

Best Politicians in Cleveland

Christine's post reminded me to write this post, which I had first considered when I heard about Joe Cimperman's response to Bob Shores about how he stands on the idea of a new liquor license being handed out to the address where the old MODA building stands.

In a word: opposed.

And I'm glad.

The other night, a friend and I had dinner in Tremont. We are both civic-minded, engaged types, and had a thoughtful conversation about Cleveland politics and which leaders were poised to help solve the problems this city has faced, still faces, and will continue to face. We both immediately agreed upon Joe Cimperman, and both agreed that although we'd have liked to see him beat Kucinich in the primary, Cimperman could do much better spending his political career here in Cleveland, perhaps first as leader of the council and eventually as mayor.

What do you think? After Cimperman, my friend and I pretty quickly ran out of other names ... and we pay attention to local politics. Which other politicians do you think hold promise for the area?