Sunday, August 3, 2008

Whiskey Daredevils!

I just returned from a Whiskey Daredevils show. It was AWESOME. Those guys know how to rock AND have fun at the same time.

In reality, the entire show amounted to a series of "moments of the day" for me. As such, I'll note them below. You can pick which was your own favorite moment, as transcribed by me. Maybe we'll make a tally. Maybe we won't.

Anyway, tonight's show was especially interesting in that the band broke in a new lead guitarist. Weirdly enough, the new guitarist played the first set, and the exiting guitarist played the last set. Personally, if I was a member of the band, I'd have suggested the other way around, but whatever.

As I said, the first set took place featuring the new guitarist, and he was very good at his instrument. He didn't move very much, but he was still very good.

The second set was where the real shit took place. Or, at least, when I became intoxicated enough to pay attention to the important stuff.

Like, for example, the fact that the lead singer mocked to an excruciating degree one of his fans, who happened to clearly be a frat boy, wearing a fratty t-shirt and pleated shorts, for which he took a significant amount of shit. He didn't seem to realize he was being mocked, which was even funnier for me. Then again, he was a frat boy, so he probably wasn't going to get his own mocking no matter how much attention he paid, so perhaps we shouldn't make fun.


After that, I noticed several funny things.

For example, a really fat guy wearing a Tab (soda) t-shirt. You gals will get that one.

And another time, when the outgoing guitarist simply NAILED his solo, and then, as he finished it up, just looked at his hands in disbelief, as if they were controlled by some alien force of awesomeness and he was just a semi-willing subject temporarily possessed with shredding awesomeness, far beyond his own personal control.

Also awesome was the fact that the Garage had some VH1-esque channel on, and it was silently playing a series of 80s metal videos. Not only did I notice this, but the lead singer also did, and drew particular attention to a spectacular W.A.S.P video, saying that his band would not retire until someone paid them enough money to recreate said video.

I laughed.

I stopped laughing sometime later when I realized the band had segued into a bittersweet moment, following another solo by the outgoing guitarist, which I realized was the last for him as the member of this band. In a cool turn of events, the new guitarist came back up the stage and pulled out his own slide, and did a solo while the other guy kept playing his guitar. It was a cool homage from new to old, and the lead singer busted out some maracas to keep the vibe going.

Anyway, as the song ended, the singer provided a perfect quote. He wanted to thank the outgoing guitarist for leaving the band just as he had come in: slightly out of tune.

A couple more beers and a shot later and here I am, typing this to you.

I know you appreciate it. No need to tell me.

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Christine said...

It's a huge testament to your writing ability that your drunk blogging is better than most of what makes it into the Plain Dealer. ;)