Thursday, August 7, 2008

Something for you to read

You probably don't have enough to read, right?

I mean, who does these days.

So, to fix that, I've decided to share with you a cool little article I recently stumbled upon. I can't remember where I came across the link, so please forgive any e-poaching.

The article in question comes from a Spring 2007 issue of Filmmaker magazine. The topic concerns the recent mumblecore film-making movement, which includes recent festival hits such as Funny Ha Ha, The Puffy Chair, and Hannah Takes the Stairs.

The movies definitely aren't perfect, but they combine the DIY mentality of people like Linklater and Kevin Smith with the youtube generation's (mostly) humble narcissism and a traditional liberal arts education, mix it up, and create some pretty clever and often touching films. You should check them out.

More importantly, someone should have a mumblecore festival here, like the Harvard festival the article mentions. I'm looking at you, John Ewing, and you, Bill Guentzler.

For those of you who read the article, let me know what you think. I was particularly taken with the notion of how the festival circuit facilitates such networking and creative collaboration. I know the same thing happens on indie rock tour circuits, though high gas prices are making it more difficult to occur. Hopefully the same thing doesn't start to happen in the indie film world, though if it does, maybe that would make stronger regional networks and a greater diversity of burgeoning movements. Thoughts?

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