Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Year's Resolution

If the new year started on August 1.

Effective immediately (as of tomorrow), I'm going to start jogging again.

This may kill me, so if I haven't expressed my affection for you, take this as your notice.

If it doesn't kill me, I hope to work my way through all 9 weeks of this wonderful little couch potato to road race plan I found.

I tried this same workout a couple summers ago and managed to make it through 3 weeks before I quit. Technically, quitting wasn't my fault. My work-out buddy had to go and get diagnosed with cancer at that point, and I was so demoralized I just stopped. In other words, blame him.

He's fine now, by the way. And I don't really blame him. Not totally.

Anyway, I went three weeks and though it wasn't exactly fun or comfortable, it was doable and I did lose a little weight. I'm hoping to lose some now, too, but really I just want to end the 9-weeks in the type of shape that will allow me to exercise more regularly. When I was younger I was quite the runner, and used to sign up for 5-k races for fun. I have some friends that still do that, and it seems like a good way to go. I noticed a flier today for a 5-k on August 23 in Lakewood -- I'm definitely not gonna be able to pull that off, but it turned me on a little more to the idea.

Hopefully I won't scan back over my August blog posts some boring day in October and see this and chastise myself for giving up on this attempt after a couple weeks. I guess like all else, though, we shall see.

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