Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You Low Life You

For the longest time, I thought Asterisk Gallery was the only art-space in town that best fit my preferences and attitudes about art. Over time, as I got to know the city a little better, I realized that there are a bunch of places that also appeal to me, even if the fit isn't as glove-like as my appreciation of Asterisk's perspective is.

And then Low Life opened and I found my eastside art gallery home. In many ways, Low Life's proprietor, Dave Desimone, has a perspective that matches that of Asterisk operator, Dana Depew, though clearly each guy has their own individuality and unique edge. In fact, I don't know if the two dudes even know each other.

What perspective might that be? Well, check out Low Life's manifesto:

There is a war that is being waged on culture. Big box retail. Warehouse club lifestyle. Does anyone really need 15 pounds of chicken? More isn't always better. Turn off the television. Go see live local music. Read a book. Support the little guy. Don't always super size. VOTE! Do instead of watch. Get out, walk in the woods and reconnect with nature. When is the last time you went to a museum? The mall? Which one do you value more? Why? Avoid chain restaurants. Travel more. Avoid ruts whenever possible. Try talking to total strangers about the things which really matter to them. Exercise daily. Sleep in late sometimes. Read poetry. Really listen. Celebrate diversity. Enjoy art. Live life!

On Saturday, May 2, Low Life's newest show opens. This time the opening begins at 3 PM, which leads me to slightly suspect that the exhibit might be a little more family friendly than the usual edgy approach. In fact, I know it will, because there will be face painters and pinatas and snacks, things that adults (like me, technically) also enjoy, but the kiddies like, too. And now that I see the "Bring Yer Kids" line at the bottom of the promo poster, I'm positive that it is family friendly. So yes, bring yer kids, and bring yourself even if you don't have kids, or like me don't particularly like kids. There'll be beverages, bands, and work by several top local artists. Plus, you can stop and enjoy the growing record store district that Waterloo Rd is becoming and drink some old man beer at the Boardwalk with me!

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