Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I got a bad, bad feeling...

Greetings internet users.

I'm trying to blog as much as possible this week because it is possible, nay probable, that I might not be around after this weekend. Either I won't be or cutie-pie Addicted to Vinyl Matt won't be.

You see, Matthew and I have agreed to be one another's man-date to the second (I think) annual Music Saves Indians game outing. I cannot imagine all 9 innings occuring without some sort of global malevolance taking place.

So, just in case you never hear from me again after Sunday, blame the Vinyl Addict. He'll be the guy blogging through his tears, drowning in grief for the terrible thing he has done. That or I'll be here, sighing with relief while my conscience once again fails to convince me that I really ought to feel bad for whatever it was that happened to Matt.

Just kidding, buddy - I'm sure we'll have a fantastic time, especially after the game when you decide to treat me to dinner at Melt. Speaking of which, I have this coupon ...

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