Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where I'll be tomorrow ...

Friday night, Clevo Culture style.

There is a pretty cool twofer, if you are intrigued.

First, check out the show at Artchitecture/William Rupnik Gallery. Andrea Heimer and Arabella Proffer will be the featured artists. I've not seen Heimer's work before, but I totally dug Proffer's show last year (I think?) at Asterisk Gallery, and I hope much of the same work will be in this one. She does a super cool take on fashion and art - imagine historically evolving portraiture combining punk rock ethos with period-accurate aesthetic detail. Super cool. I think I might've said that before. It also helps that her work is also on display at Velvet Tango Room, which is even more superlatively cool.

After that, hightail it over to the CIA for the Cinematheque's showing of a recent Danish film, Just Another Love Story. I first became interested in checking this one out when I saw the director had also been at the helm of another film, Nightwatch. I had that particular Nightwatch confused with a 2004 Russian film of the same name, though, but after reading the reviews and summaries, I decided that didn't mean much and I still wanted to go. Expect a thriller, perhaps to uncomfortable extents, but some style and humor (albeit dark) in the mix.

So there you go - no excuses, no bullshit about how there is nothing going on in Cleveland. Check out the art, rub elbows with some mostly tolerable artist types, drink some Pabst (hooray for PBRs pro-art marketing strategy), then check out one of the finest cultural institution in NEO's film series.

Then log back in and thank me in the comments section...

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Anonymous said...

Saw the Danish "Nightwatch" and it was wonderful! Far better than the American remake.