Saturday, April 25, 2009

DC Bound

So I'm definitely gonna be vacating Clevo for at least the middle third of next month, heading down to the nation's capital to do some work.

I've only been to DC 2-3 times and each time have been super busy, so my social knowledge of the town is pretty limited. All I really remember are terrible bars filled with extreme-Warehouse District/post-frat types and beers for $7 on tap. Are there any cool places anyone recommends? I think I'm gonna hit a show at the Black Cat one night, and probably spend some time at the one DC bar I remember liking from my last couple visits (5 years ago now!), Tryst.

Any drink and eat tips you can provide will be most welcome, low and high brow (though mostly low). That's how I've felt like rolling lately, and no other city in the country can bring out my ugly class warrior side like DC can, so I'll probably avoid noshing at places like the Palm or bumping elbows with lobbyists at some glitzy hotel bar.


bonnjill said...

Definitely get a Potbelly sub (I recommend the Wreck), and if you can, eat something from one of the food stands at the Old Post Office Pavilion ( for lunch - I had Indian, but there are tons of choices. I also really enjoyed eating at America Restaurant ( in Union Station.

bonnjill said...

If you are in Alexandria you should definitely eat at the International Fish Market ( OK, I'll shut up now.

Marjie said...

i have heard amazing things about this place:

thatgirl said...

I was going to suggest the Warehouse Next Door (an independent arts complex/coffeeshop that I stumbled across last time I was there), but evidently it's been closed since then.

Dupont Circle has a lot of art and bookstores if I remember right.

Here's a link that might be helpful

My inner librarian is totally coming out right now.