Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Culture PSA

Let me tell you something, anonymous reader. This is something your friends, your family, your loved ones, etc., aren't gonna tell you. Mostly because they like you. I am not burdened by that affection, and even if I am, what I'm about to say is still true.

Here it is.

You need some culture. Seriously.

FORTUNATELY, there is a pretty good opportunity to get some this weekend at the coolest gallery in town.

Here's the gallery write-up:

The exhibition “Image and Object” will explore the crossroads of two historically opposite ways of processing reality in art. The current state of discourse allows for image and object to coexist as an ever-shifting mode with multiple faces. Mark Slankard and Irina Koukhanova, both professors at Cleveland State University, will exhibit their respective photographic and sculptural work with possible participation of their colleagues from Youngstown State University. Additional component in the exhibition will be the inclusion of their students’ work addressing photography based on a sculptural object and sculpture incorporating an image as its anchoring point.

And here's the website.

Mapquest the directions, corral your friends, and make it a Tremont night. If you don't, well, I hate your ass face.

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