Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Live music week in Collinwood

Some time ago I posted about how we were in the midst of the finest live music week I'd seen since moving to Cleveland. I say "some time ago" because I can't precisely remember when and my VERY quick scan of blog topics over the past few months didn't give me any hints, and I don't feel like looking any harder than that.

Anyway, here we are, on the cusp of another pretty cool week in music.

On Wednesday, Action Painters from good old Brooklyn, NY, are gonna rock the Beachland. These folks are pretty cool, with a nice indie rock sound that isn't too minimalist. I've been digging these guys since the dudes at Citizen Dick blogged about them last month, and was stoked to see them making their way into town. Better yet, they'll be preceded on stage by Good Touch Bad Touch, a pretty fine Cleveland pop rock act that performed admirably as the Kinks last Halloween at the Beachland's bash. (Also, it doesn't hurt that one of the Action Painters, Allison Zatarain, is a serious contender for my indie rock crush of the week. Not only is she cute and a good writer, but her name reminds me of Cajun food, which is totally awesome.)

If the mid-week show thing isn't really your style, well, first you should really stop being so lame, and second, fear not, for the fine folks at Music Saves have a pair of sponsored shows at the Beachland Thursday and Friday. If you show up with cash in hand at the store, you can get advanced tix for a couple/few bucks off the door rate.

Starting things off Thursday is the show I've been most excited for since Dinosaur Jr rolled through Akron: The Pains of Being Pure At Heart/Afternoon Naps show. The Pains have produced one of my top 3 cds of 2009 (along with Sholi and the Abe Vigoda Reviver EP). I just totally love the fuzzed out pop hooks.

Lately, though, I've been looking even more forward to the Afternoon Naps show. Ever since I saw Tom & Leia perform on stage (complete with unicorn portrait) a few weeks back in a barebones set, I've been wanting to see the whole band back on stage. I really dig these guys - along with Unsparing Sea and Trouble Books, I think the Afternoon Naps have some really promising days ahead. You should catch them as many times around town as possible before the masters of the pop universe come and snatch them from us!

Friday the party keeps on going with TWO good shows at the Beachland. Jeremy Jay will be playing in the Tavern, with opening DJ sets from Tim of Muttering Retreats fame (and who I will always remember for his Halloween drumming at the aforementioned bash), while The Thermals play in the Ballroom. Sources at Music Saves have been assuring everyone that yes, Jeremy Jay will finish playing in time to head over to the ballroom to catch the complete Thermals set, so there is no need to worry about picking one over the other.

Best of all, before the shows on Friday, Music Saves will be hosting the first Alley Cat session of the summer at 7, so bring your own beverages and hope for clear skies. If not, bring a poncho you fucking sissy. (Note: that last sentence should only be attributed to me. I imagine, should the folks at Music Saves ever run out of meaningful things to do and get around to reading this blog, they wouldn't be very happy that I said that. They rarely curse and even more rarely call other people sissies. They might make fun of you for trying to trade in a Killers cd for credit - trust me, this is true - but they won't call you a sissy, neither in front of nor behind your back.)

By Saturday, you'll no doubt be in default-drive-to-Waterloo mode, so when you get in your car and find yourself steering onto I-90, don't freak out. Just check out the gallery opening at Low Life at 3 PM and snag some vinyl from Blue Arrow (records) and Shoparooni (toys). On Sunday, if you are still suffering from must-drive-to-Collinwood-itis, you can hit the Beachland. Seriously, this entire week you can have yourself a fine old time and never leave a span of 6 blocks. Well, eventually you'll have to leave, if you want to sleep in a comfortable bed. But you know what I mean.

Check some of this stuff out!

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