Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mandatory Wednesday Event, West-side edition

Tomorrow is my newest favorite Cleveland event - Fourth Wall film night at Visible Voice. For those of you unaware of this awesome monthly event, the last Wednesday of every month two filmsters, Lawrence Daniel Caswell & Joe Yachanin, gather a crowd of folks in the Visible Voice attic screening room to show strange films from the forgotten (and sometimes only somewhat forgotten past). So far, in my opinion, the most spectacular of these films has been White Dog, but this month might pose a challenge with the landmark film, Cockfighter, which will show about 8:15. Preceding it will be Woody Allen's Stardust Memories at about 6:15. See below for trailers and clips, and hopefully I'll see you at Visible Voice, the coolest bookstore on the west side!

PS - They serve wine there.

PPS - The films are free.

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Kelly and José said...

They serve wine there? Okay, I'm in ;) See you tomorrow!