Saturday, April 25, 2009

Draft Day Advice

Not that anyone has asked, but since that never stopped me before, I'd like to offer the Browns some advice.

1) Trade that frat boy Republican douche Brady Quinn. Please!

2) Also trade that whiny prima donna Braylon Edwards. I'm less insistent on this one, though I'd like it nonetheless.

3) Draft a talented center to back up/replace Fraley.

4) Try to get a good veteran linebacker or cornerback in one of the aforementioned trades.

5) Take a gamble on a late-round high-risk/high-reward running back to take a crack at replacing Jamal.

6) Pay whoever that dude with the bad-ass Browns Jeep I sometimes see driving around town a lot of money to drive it on the field during half-time breaks. Or drive it wherever makes most sense. The important part, I think, is in the making of large and repeated payments.

Viva D.A., viva Cleveland, and viva the Browns Mobile!

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