Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fear Not, I have planned out your April social calendar.

By now, with the weather and all the awesome hip shit going down everywhere in Clevo, you gotta be thinking to yourself, what the fuck am I going to do to spice up my life. Well, here it is. Just follow my instructions and you will have a cool ass time the rest of this month.

Sunday, 4/19 - Go see "Bigger Than Life" at the CIA Cinematheque

Monday, 4/20 - Hit up the Cedar-Lee for 3rd Monday specials. Two Lovers, The Class, and The Great Buck Howard are all about to leave the theater (or so the reduced screenings would seem to indicate), but Gomorrah is there and also worth seeing).

Tuesday, 4/21 - OK, I really don't know what to do on a Tuesday. Go out and eat at that cool neighborhood restaurant you heard about the other day. You know the one.

Wednesday, 4/22 - Take a trip to CSU, where you can see Suzuki's Tokyo Drifter at 6 and then get some poetry in your veins at 7:30 - for free!

Thursday, 4/23 - Check out the Royal Bangs show at the Cleveland Matinee location on W. 25th.

Friday, 4/24 - Spend a night taking in art and drinking beer with artsy hipsters at Artchitecture for the Arabella Proffer/Andrea Heimer show.

Saturday, 4/25 - Hit up the Holden Arboretum for some nature action, including guided hikes to some of their best forests. Celebrate Arbor Day right!

Sunday, 4/26 - Go watch the Indians! Nothing beats daytime baseball!

Monday, 4/27 - Ok, I'm stuck again. Go have a couple drinks at that bar you drive by every so often and wonder what it is like inside. Then stop at the grocery store and get some crazy fixings for a homemade pizza.

Tuesday, 4/28 - Aargh - early weekdays are tough! How about you catch up on laundry tonight, but while you do so, read a new book or a favorite one from your forgotten, dusty shelf.

Wednesday, 4/29 - Hit up the Fourth Wall Film Night at Visible Voice. I missed last month but went to the two previous and can vouch that they are showing some of the craziest yet most delightful stuff you can imagine. Grab dinner somewhere in Tremont like Southside or Prosperity beforehand.

Thursday, 4/30 - Go see the Pains of Being Pure at Heart and the Afternoon Naps at the Beachland Tavern!!! If you don't take my advice, at least on this night, you are crazy. Plus, you can get reduced price advanced tix from Music Saves. Do it!


Bridget Callahan said...

Monday - Comedy night at Bela Dubby
Tuesday - Open Mike at Matinee.

thatgirl said...


Malian guitar courtesy of Habib Koite at Nighttown (this may not be your thing, but seriously, you NEED to go there at some point). It's one of the best places in Cleveland.