Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh Kevin Costner, you expensive little minx

So the folks here at CB Enterprises (i.e., me, myself, and I) are big Kevin Costner fans. I'm not being funny, cynical, or ironic - I truly dig the guys work. I love the big blockbusters he did - Waterworld, the Postman, Dances with Wolves, Robin Hood, etc. I love him in JFK, Bull Durham, No Way Out, the Untouchables, even The Bodyguard, and especially Field of Dreams. I love him in Wyatt Earp, Tin Cup, For the Love of the Game, 3000 Miles to Graceland, For the Love of the Game, and even The Upside of Anger. I've even swallowed recent co-star appearances with Jennifer Aniston and Ashton Kutcher (critics should look to these two when they are looking for folks to criticize for their acting chops) in Rumor Has It and The Guardian, respectively. I haven't seen Swing Vote, yet, but I will.

Anyway, all this is to say, I like the guy. And just a few moments ago, I got a random House of Blues email saying that his country band would be in town playing a gig on May 13th. I got excited and thought, "Fuck yeah, I'll go see Kevin Costner sing country-western songs!" - until I saw the ticket price breakdown: $25/$45/$100.

Are you kidding me? Come on - I won't pay $25 to see Wilco play (even back when I could stand the Jeff Tweedy martyr schtick), much less $45 or $100.

So, as much as it pains me to let this opportunity pass by, I think I'm gonna.

That is, unless some enterprising PR staffer for HOB sees this and wants to secure a show/venue review from me in exchange for putting my name on the guest list. I don't want backstage passes - I don't think my man-love for Mr. Costner could handle that - just entrance into the show. If it sweetens the pot, I'll probably spend cash on dinner there...


blue-eyed brunette said...

The prices were the same here for the HOB Dallas, I thought it would be a good show, but Hell no for those prices!

I wonder how many people actually showed up.

Cara said...

That's really a shame. I've actually skipped over many shows because of the pricing.

Hell, I saw Pink Floyd back in... '94 (I think) and tickets were $36.50. Granted that was expensive for that time, but still... Pink freaking Floyd!

matt said...

Dude, I can't even believe the Wilco hate you're spewing here. Do we like any of the same bands? Why are we friends?


More Than A Kevin Costner Fan said...

Kevin Costner and Modern West have been selling out their shows. They are smaller venues for sure but KC is doing the band for a more personal connection with his fans so it is indeed fans who are going to pay the price for the tickets. The reports I've heard is that they have a montage of his movies shown and he thanks the audience for seeing his movies. One of these days I'll get to attend a concert and I can hardly wait!