Wednesday, September 16, 2009

CB's Browns Watch - Reviewing Week 1

I haven't written about the Browns since the first week of training camp, and for that I apologize.

I also apologize because I just don't have a ton of time to do so today, but I don't want to let yet another week slip by - especially after Game 1 - without offering some commentary.

So, here are my pearls of wisdom regarding week 1:

1) Quinn sucked. Don't look at his final statistics, which were average, at best. He managed to get back to average with a bunch of garbage yardage and a meaningless touchdown at the end when the game was already well over. Look at the third quarter and the general lethargy of the whole first half and you'll see the Brady Quinn you have forever. This is who this dude is, a mediocre quarterback without game-changing skills. DA may be a little unpredictable, but when he's on, he is freaking on (assuming Braylon isn't dropping everything in his vicinity), and when he's off he's about like Quinn on every other day. With DA at the helm, you'll win some games thanks to crazy bombs and lose some because of ill-timed interceptions, but you'll always have a full-field threat. With Quinn, we'll just lose and do so in boring fashion.

2) We are still a player away from excellence at virtually every single position on the field, with maybe the exception of the offensive line. We need a stud at every tier of the defense, and until then, playing against any team just above average on offense is going to be a major challenge. We gave up a bunch of points to a good team with a struggling (and old, and douchey) quarterback, and there are a whole lot more reasons than just the fact that their running back is fucking tremendous (though that's a very good reason). It'll take some time to figure out what exactly we need at each position, but for right now I'll say this: there is no one great on the field yet and there needs to be at least 3 great players if we want to be a good team.

3) Even though Braylon was, in my opinion, the biggest reason for DAs fall from grace last year, he ain't making life much easier on Quinn. I (stupidly) listened to a lot of post-game radio coverage and was struck as much by the quasi-racism of the commentary as I was the fact that hardly anyone blamed Quinn for miscues. We all know where I'm gonna put the blame, so why even bother. So how about this, instead of saying Right Wing Brady and Edwards have "chemistry issues" let's just say that Braylon, hands-problems and all, is under-utilized in any offense that uses Quinn's weak arm. Between the weak arm and the conservative play-calling, it makes no sense to have Braylon on the field - throw Robiskie or one of the other new guys on there in Braylon's role if that's the offense and QB we are going with. Anything else is just a waste of everybody's effort.

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