Sunday, September 6, 2009

Attention Photographers and Photography Enthusiasts

If the poetry offering at CSU wasn't enough, they also have some interesting photography opportunities this fall. (Can you tell whoever the CSU publicist is, they were putting in some overtime last week?)

In conjunction with the Urban College's year-long effort to plan how Cleveland should respond to this current economic crisis and move forward after it ends, the university is sponsoring a photo contest under the theme of "Feeding Cleveland." They are looking for "images of the greater Cleveland area that convey the role that urban agriculture has played in feeding Cleveland in difficult and challenging economic times and provide visually ideas for what Cleveland may look like using local agriculture for the reuse of vacant and abandoned land in Cleveland."

Sounds pretty cool, huh?

So all you amateur and not-so-amateur photo folks out there - start snapping shots and get your submissions to CSU by Monday, September 21st!

See this link here for more information.

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