Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blue Arrow Records does it again...

Pete and Debbie at Blue Arrow are some special folks. Their store, Blue Arrow Records, has only been open for a few months, but already it has climbed to the top of my list in terms of favorite places to spend my meager salary in town. Week after week, these guys are hosting in-stores and parties and making good use of their pretty killer built-in band stage in the back corner of the sales floor.

And when these folks do an in-store, they don't just have a cooler of crap beer on the floor - they go all out! We are talking bbq, chili, high quality hot dogs, you name it.

The latest event these fine folks are bringing to our us for the benefit of our ears and bellies will be this Friday (i.e., TOMORROW), when they host the Prisoners album release show. Obviously, Prisoners will take the stage, but they'll also be joined by a pair of other exciting and relatively new Cleveland acts, Uno Lady and Mother Country Madmen.

The get down gets down at about 7 PM, which'll give you plenty of time to dig the scene before heading over to the for the evening's other top FREE event, the Founding Fathers show (Cleveland Bachelor's favorite new local band) with Sun God and We March.

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