Monday, September 28, 2009

America's most ridiculously terrible indie rock "artist" strikes again

God I hate the dude from the Black Lips. Actually, all of them seem like utter wastes of flesh, but Jared Swilley is the worst.

For those of you who don't remember, this is the dude who assaulted one of his fans at their last Beachland show, snuck out like a coward to hide from the cops, and then came back in, dressed differently, talking smack about how bad he was, all while keeping a lookout for any more 5-0.

Note to Black Lips D-bag #1, when dude from the Allman Brothers stabbed a dude in a bar, he sat down and finished his beer. He didn't run like a California ex-felon one mistake away from a 3-strikes life term. You are stupid and a sissy.)

Anyway, you've certainly heard that Wavves (hooray for Wavves!) beat his ass last weekend, a long-deserved beat-down both for how he's been calling out Wavves dude and for Swilley's general crimes against human decency. That made me feel good to hear about - there was certainly much supportive Wavves-talk around the Beachland this weekend where it seems like the Black Lips fuck has few if any supporters. And then, genius that he is, Black Lips Douche #1 goes and proves he's an illiterate homophobe. Jackass likes to throw out sexual orientation slurs like they are going out of style.

But what do you expect from a proud white dude from the south? This dude is the retarded Jerry Falwell of indie rock.

Wavves for President, 2016!

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