Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter Survival Milestone

Across America, a little a snap just went back into the spirit of millions of baseball enthusiasts and winter doldrums sufferers alike.


Because today marks the first day that pitchers and catchers can voluntarily report to spring training!

Sure, volunteers at the rest of the position won't get there for another week or so and the mandatory reporting deadline isn't till early March, but the fact is that we are at the start of the slippery slope and from here on out, the warmth of Goodyear AZ, where our Indians make camp, will wind its way to Cleveland.

The trip northward for the eventual summery climes may be long and seemingly endless, but between now and that first day we realized we've overdressed for now nonexistent cold there are other milestones, like the first Spring Training game (March 5th at Cincinatti), St Patrick's Day, and the plethora of ever-stale journalistic observations of the lion/lamb nature of March's alpha and omega.

In short, we'll get there. We already almost have.

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