Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cleveland: Scene One, Take One

Let's hear it for the Cleveland film community! Over the last few months, I've interviewed several filmmakers from across the country and when I get their response to my closing question (What can Cleveland do to make itself more film industry friendly?), I'm always left a little dismayed and hopeless.

After reading this article, which led me to this press release, however, I was pleased to see that even if the tax breaks Ohio offers aren't as generous as other states and even though our industrial infrastructure isn't as developed as competitor cities, we are still moving forward.

Between that and the building recognition of institutions like the Cleveland International Film Festival and the CIA Cinematheque, as well as growing festival success for films like The Taqwacores (Sundance) and El Voyage Maximo (Bangkok International) that have a deep Cleveland connection, it makes the outlook for 2010 and beyond a lot brighter.

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