Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CB Giveaway: 2 tickets to George Clinton at the House of Blues!

The powers that be have awarded me the opportunity to give away two tickets to the upcoming George Clinton show at House of Blues on Tuesday, February 16th. A longtime funkateer, I couldn't be more pleased about doing so. I still remember buying P. Funk; Uncut Funk ... The Bomb as one of my very first CDs at the mall one day when I was probably 15, and have loved them ever since, as evidenced by the glee with which I snatched up a copy of Tear The Roof Off: 1974-80 last month at Used Kids in Columbus.

I love this band for lots of reasons, from the unique sound to the narrative of their evolution to the stellar marathon shows they put on. I saw them once at the Cleveland House of Blues (Mayor Frank Jackson was there, too) and my feet hurt from dancing by the time I got home. (Those of you who know me well know any amount of dancing, much less feet-hurting dancing, is rare for me.) Another time, in Houston, I saw them play what had to be a four hour set, with the cops onstage at the end literally dragging people off. Each and every show they put forward is a time and a half, and if you haven't seen them before, I encourage you to bone up on your Funkapedia and enter the contest below.

Because .... the winner of these two tickets will be the person who makes the most persuasive case for which member of George Clinton's onstage entourage they are most excited to see. That is, other than Sir Nose - that one's too obvious. And don't go saying Bootsy 'cause we both know that ain't happenin'. Submissions can be made via the comment box (but be sure to leave me your email address) or via email at clevelandbachelorATgmailDOTcom.

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thatgirl said...

well you know I can't make it to the show, but I really, really wish that Eddie Hazel was still alive and coherent.