Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Are you ready for the CB February show of the month?

Last month's CB show of the month was an unmitigated success, with The Rural Alberta Advantage and The Octagon selling out the Tavern side of the Beachland. (Read my review of the show here.) Going in to that month, I'd appreciated but not yet totally fallen for the Canadian headliners and had never heard of NYC based The Octagon. After a few weeks of listening to each band in preparation for the show, and then seeing both on stage, I can probably say that the like I felt for The RAA has risen to a near-love and The Octagon is one of my new favorite bands and an early contender for this year's best of list.

I have similar high hopes for this month's show, which is ...

So Cow, with openers The Modern Electric and Shiny Penny!

Coming all the way to us from Ireland on a North American jaunt that will take them through New England (the poor band's first taste of the US will be Jersey), into Eastern Canada, down through the American rust belt, across the northern Midwest, all the way down the west coast, and eastward through the Southwest to Austin, where they'll play for four days before continuing eastward through the old Confedaracy and back up the Eastern seaboard before ending the 50-day swing in ... Jersey (again!!! - who is their booking agent? Little Steven?).

I'll admit that I'm a relative newcomer to the sonic brilliance of So Cow, and that I have Kevin Neudecker of Music Saves to thank for shining a light in the Irish indie corner for me. I've already been getting into the sound, though, and the fact that they will be joined on stage by Cleveland's hottest indie operation, The Modern Electric, and the big buzz consortium Shiny Penny bodes even better for those of us who make our way to Waterloon that last Wednesday of the month to hear some rock.

As usual, there will be more info about the show and the participating bands coming in the next couple weeks. For now, though, mark your calendars:

Wednesday, February 24th, Beachland Tavern, 9 PM (Doors at 8:30), $7

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Cookbook said...

The poster's great! Sounds like a good show!