Monday, February 1, 2010

The Month in Melt

Driving back from Brooklyn to Cleveland Saturday night (more on that later), large chunks of time passed by where I could think of little else than getting back to NEO in time to have last month's divine Hungry Hungarian Melt sandwich at that bastion of Cleveland culinary goodness, Melt Bar and Grilled.

Yesterday, managing to barely rouse myself from a hard night's sleep, I drove over to the Apple Store at Legacy Village, where I proceeded to drop $200 to replace the iphone that committed suicide a day prior because it couldn't take being in New York any longer either. After that, and a few other errands, though, it was time for that last visit to Melt before the calendar page turns. It was, as expected, delicious, and while each of the four of us at the table took turns describing the various degrees of deliciousness of our sandwiches, much of the conversation centered around what we'd heard about the next month's specialty sandwich, The Big Sandwich in Little China Melt. Check out John G's art on the matter below:
In a partnership with the new cult film series at the Capitol Theater on Detroit and W. 65th, Head Melter Matt Fish created an edible homage to the Kurt Russell classic. Interesting idea, but each of us (and, I'm guessing every other person who hears about this sandwich) thought out loud something along the lines of "Chinese food ... with cheese?" That question was usually followed by another bite of our current sandwiches which, if nothing else, reminded us of Fish's genius with the platform and made us more eager to give the risky combination of flavors a try.

According to Fish, the sandwich is Melt's take on sweet and sour chicken, that time-honored staple at Chinese restaurants around America. On the traditional thick cut bread, you'll find crispy breaded chicken (or a veggie patty if you are one of those), stir-fried peppers, onions, and carrots, a bed of steamed jasmine rice, some special sweet & sour sauce, and pepper-jack Burton cheese, with a side of hot mustard sauce to dip in. Sounds far out and quite possibly high-reward. Whatever the case, I'll be there soon to give Mr. Fish's latest creation a shot.

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Suburban Sweetheart said...

I have sent four out-of-towner friends from DC to Melt on their business trips to Cleveland - but I'VE NEVER BEEN. Ugh.