Thursday, February 11, 2010

CB Premieres new Doug Keith video for "The Lowest Low"

Consider it another milestone, folks - CB has been invited to present the exclusive premiere of New York singer-songwriter Doug Keith's video for "The Lowest Low." The track comes from Keith's new record, The Lucky Ones, which drops via The Village Label on March 30th.

Musically, Keith trades on vintage singer-songwriter stock, with hints of The Boss and Tom Waits in his vocals, but with an expansive arrangement that brings in strings and a backing chorus. It is the visual element of "The Lowest Low" that I'm really drawn to, though. It makes me think of regular footage that any old vacationer could take on a trip out to the shore, then produced in a simple yet engaging manner. The non-narrative visual element allows the focus to remain on the tale Keith croons, which works well with pictures equally permanent and impermanent.

For those taken with the music, Keith is actually playing TONIGHT in Columbus at The Treehouse. Tickets are only $5. If you go, could you bring me back some ice cream from Jeni's? Anything with roasted cherries is fine.

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