Thursday, May 28, 2009

Move Over Alexandra

I hate to say it, but as creepy as I may be, that creepiness is ultimately fickle. I've decided to move on from my previous indie rock crush, Ra Ra Riot's Alexandra Lawn, to a new one: I Was A King's Anne Lise Frøkedal.

Anne Lise, welcome to an elite group that previously included not only Miss Lawn, but also Carrie Brownstein and Anya Marina. Fortunately for you, I've not ever met any of these crushes and don't ever plan to, so you can tell your stomach to stop churning now.


(famous)jenny said...

hi there! thx for checking out my blog as well. i like finding new clevo area bloggers to see what's up around town! keep on keepin' on...

Anonymous said...

Hello from Norway! Google sent me to this blog post about A.L.F. You do know she has another band as well, where she is the singer-guitarist-songwriter? The other band is called Harrys Gym (yes, without apostrophe) and IMHO is 10x better, although IWAK is itself quite good. So have a google and enjoy :-)

Oh yeah and her sister Linn is also in two very good indie bands, so there's some more googling for you to do.

Feel free to email me regarding music at contact (at) artem (dot) is.