Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Week ahead, 5/24-5/30

I wasn't here for you much last week, dear readers. At all, really. And I'm sorry for that. I was in the nation's capital, doing what one does in the nation's capital (i.e., checking out the monuments, visiting Capitol Hill, marveling at the absence of talking and presence of newspapers on the commuter trains, etc.), and doing other fun stuff like enjoying chili dogs at Ben's Chili Bowl, eating Ethiopian and Moroccan food, and watching the Lo Moda/St Vincent show at the Black Cat (which is the equivalent of our Grog Shop). I'll post more about this stuff throughout the week, but for now let us dispatch with the important and cool stuff going on this week.

Sunday, 5/24 - Today! If you don't have something already planned, I can't help you. I wasn't planning on coming back till tomorrow. Are the Indians in town? It is beautiful - go to the park.

Monday, 5/25 - Memorial Day. If you don't have a grill or friends and family with a grill, take a trip out to Lake View Cemetery, where you can check out the Garfield Monument, the Elliot Ness Monument, the memorial to the victims of the 1908 Collinwood School Fire, and the Tiffany-designed window at Wade Chapel, as well as the final resting place of numerous important and influential folks, from Carl Stokes to John Hay. Plus, you'll burn LOTS of calories.

Tuesday, 5/26 - The Lake County Captains are playing at home versus the infamous Greensboro Grasshoppers. Plus, it is Kraft singles night, which means you can get buy one-get one ticket deals. OR you could opt for a super cool (and totally indulgent) option, since it is Feed Your Face Tuesday, and for $15 you get a ticket and all-you-can-eat burgers, dogs, mini corn dogs, peanuts, and popcorn!

Wednesday, 5/27 - Catch a pretty solid psych/power pop lineup at the Beachland: Kong Sauce, The Dreadful Yawns, and I Was A King. I'll be there, for sure - check out my review of the latest I Was A King album here.

Thursday, 5/28
- Another solid live show on tap today, with Crocodiles and Holy Fuck playing at the Grog. This pairing is an interesting choice, with Crocodiles lo-fi sound not very similar to Holy Fuck's instrumental, near-electronica jam, but the discrepancy will only make the show more enjoyable for a more diverse audience. Check out my review of the latest Crocodiles album here.

Friday, 5/29 - Tonight is the Beachland Prom. I went last year and it was a lot of fun, hipsters wearing their ironic best, and local indie rock bands playing prom-appropriate covers. This year includes performances by Living Stereo, Helper T-Cells, Saint Ohio, and Good Morning Valentine. Grab a $10 prom-appropriate dinner either at the Beachland or a few blocks away at the Grovewood. Dinner will be served at the Beachland about 7, with the prom festivities kicking off around 9.

Saturday, 5/30 - After a week of indie rock and cuisine, make it a Saturday of Culture. Check out the Lee Friedlander photography exhibit at the Museum of Art before it closes on May 31st, have an early dinner somewhere quaint in Little Italy, and then catch a double feature at the CIA Cinematheque, where Katyn will screen at 7, followed by Two Lovers at 9:15.

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