Monday, May 11, 2009

Costner. Kevin Costner.

D-day will soon be upon us. 48 hours from now, I'll be shaky with excitement about the fact that one of my favorite film actors, Mr. Kevin Costner, will be taking the stage shortly ... not to act, or emote, but rather to rock, country-style.

You see, as I mentioned a few weeks back, Costner has his own country band, Modern West, and they are bringing their show to Cleveland, courtesy of the House of Blues.

And I am going.

Let me be clear - I am going because I like the idea of Kevin Costner fronting a band. However, after taking some listens to the band's music, I must say this: it isn't half bad. It reminds me of 90s country music, Garth Brooks era, before it got weirdly poppy and Toby Keithish. Granted, it pays little debt to Willie and Waylon and the boys, but any music listener that wasn't a total asshole should be able to listen to this and enjoy it.

Plus, Costner is helming the ship. How cool is that? Answer: pretty.

So I'll be at the House of Blues Wednesday, trying my darndest to keep my man-crush in check.

You might want to check out the show, too. Tickets are still available, and it will give you an excuse to grab dinner at the House of Blues restaurant, which is pretty good if you dig southern cuisine. Another bonus about dining there: if you eat there and tell the server that you have tickets to the show, you get let in before everyone else.

See you there!

PS - How cool would it be if she was opening for KC/MW? I still have a crush on her from the Stay video back when I was in high school.


Avenue Cleveland said...

Not a huge Costner (but he's tolerable) or Country Music (although the 90's country was kinda fly!) fan, but I do admire this guys resilience!

Plus he has had an interesting life some struggling films, real life drama and the issues with his children, yeah transitioning into the Country Music scene seems about right. Hell I'd listen to him rock, eh... Country on!

Oh yeah keep that "man crush" in check! Have fun man.

Misty said...

Have a great time and I hope you get to meet him! I've had the opportunity to see Modern West in concert four times and loved every minute of it! And I got to meet Kevin twice and got autographs several times! He's super nice and down to earth! Have a blast, take lots of pictures!