Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The hits keep coming...

Another good show to tell you guys about this week. On Friday, Paleface is playing a set at the Beachland Tavern. I first got into Paleface last time he came through town, when I read his bio on a Beachland Ballroom e-blast, immediately noting the comparisons with Daniel Johnston. Anyone who knows me knows that Daniel Johnston is at the top - if not on top - of my list of most valued artists, and anyone that even name drops him usually earns a listen from me. To be referred to as his protege, well, that earns even more.

When I first listened to Paleface, I'll admit I didn't get a lot of the Daniel Johnston comparisons, but that didn't mean I didn't dig the music. Quite the contrary. Paleface's music is more smooth and fleshed out to be grouped with the quaint amateurishness that draws me to Johnston, but his self-awareness (and especially self-doubt), voice, and clarity is grand in a whole different way.

Paleface has a new album out ("The Show Is On The Road"), the first on a label in several years, and the maturity in his work and polish thanks to the studio efforts are noticeable. Lost are a little bit of the edge I first dug, but gained are a new sense of comprehensiveness and roundedness and polish that will bring in a whole different group of fans. Drummer Monica Samalot does her job, holding down the rhythm section and allowing Paleface to warble and wallow at his finest.

I'm really excited about this show and think you'll have a fun time if you go, too. Nothing better than checking out something new and weird in the Beachland Tavern. Show up, and first High Life is on me. Unless it is on you. Which would be cool.

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