Monday, March 16, 2009

Move Over Anya

I have a new indie rock crush, and this one is even more impossible.

Carrie Brownstein.

Still, I always dug the KRS sound and Sleater-Kinney is indisputably one of the most important rock bands ever (as much as I hate the word "important" as a cultural descriptor). I'd sorta forgotten about them since their hiatus, but when one of the dudes from Citizen Dick suggested the NPR "All Songs Considered" show as a good fit for my rock talk show pod-cast needs, I heard her on one of the episodes and was hooked. She's so freaking smart, funny, and nice. And she writes really well.

So, Anya, it was fun while it lasted, but we gotta go our separate ways. Don't worry - you'll have good company in my ex-pop culture crush club, which features such ladies as Victoria Bergsman, Juliet Berto (on a 40-year lag), and Kate Dollenmayer from Funny Ha Ha.


As I was googling for a good pic to accompany this post, I found this little post, which does a much better job of describing Brownstein crushdom than I have done. And they have much better pictures.


matt said...

You have a really great blog here. I'm glad that I discovered it, and I look forward to reading future posts from you. It seems like we share similar musical tastes and maybe, just maybe, we could even be friends.

Carrie is cool - glad you found the writing stuff too - she's written some good stuff.

thatgirl said...

Seeing Sleater-Kinney live made me proud to be a guitar-wielding female.

CB said...

Hi "Matt" - Thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately, my friends roster is pretty full, and there is a lengthy waiting list. That being said, I'm happy to put your name on it. The waiting list, that is, not the friends roster, of course. At the bottom.

Thanks again, and keep reading, "Matt."



matt said...


It feels like there's one seat left on the welcome wagon. With the cheery conductor that in my mind kind of looks like Ringo Starr.

Thanks, I think!

This place is great!