Saturday, March 7, 2009

Awesome local music blog

Cleveland is not a town without its fair share of music blogs, but I recently learned of a great one that I at least had been missing out on.

Standing in Music Saves today while making a purchase that'll hopefully get me through March if not April I noticed a wonderful little flyer announcing A FREE COTTON JONES IN-STORE AT MUSIC SAVES AT 8 PM NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!

It is being presented by I recognized the Singles reference (which was already a good sign as I fucking love that movie) and asked what the deal was - she informed me it was a music blog by a couple dudes from here and one from the Chi and said I should check it out. Boy was she right. These guys do a really great job of balancing show reviews with album reviews and other traditional music blog ephemera. I think it is on par with any of the other non-corporate music blogs out there and suggest you do as it was astutely suggested I do: check out. You'll be better informed for doing so.


Kevin said...

Thanks for the shout. Help us get the word out about that show. We're glad you like the site!-Kevin

Kelly and José said...

very cool site, i am getting old and out of the loop so quickly.

Jose said...

Kelly and Jose. Easy guys. I may be older than you are! Haha. Hope to meet you at the show on Weds. If you don't have the album on vinyl, it's well worth it.