Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I haven't written much about my Austin trip yet, but I probably will one of these days, when I get back from my trip this weekend to Chicago.

For now, let me leave you with an interesting and related set of statements I heard during different conversations with the two dudes I was hanging with while there.

Dude 1, during a conversation about the different types of friendships a guy often has with males versus females and how these differences evolve over time: "I'm not making any more dude friends for life."

Dude 2, during a conversation about how these young bucks always chasing tail are being stupid and getting themselves into crazy, bad karma trouble, "I'm done with these hos."

One dude is done making friends with other dudes, the other dude is done wasting time chasing girls. To make things even more interesting, these two dudes are brothers. Dude #1 is younger by a few years biologically and by a whole lot more emotionally. Both brothers fare pretty well with the ladies, given their minor league rock star status and personal charisma.

Anyway, as is often the case in life, I imagine being too far on either side of the continuum is problematic, especially when the other gender becomes demonized and/or objectified. But get beyond the urban (and misogynistic) rhetoric and you realize two different worldviews are being espoused about the nature of male-female (and same-sex) relationships. Kind of interesting, I thought.

And personally, if I had to take a position, I'm closer to Dude #2's position right now. Not the "ho" part but the being tired of the game part. As I announced a while back, I've been self-benched. That hasn't changed at all.

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