Monday, March 2, 2009

The week ahead, 3/2 -3/8

Today, it is cold. Muy frio, as I would tell my old high school spanish teacher.

That's sorta ok, though, for as I look at my handy-dandy iphone weather app, it tells me that every day this week gets warmer than the previous one, up to a high on Friday of 53.

Better yet, there is much cool to do in town. Tonight is the Phosphorescent show at the Beachland, and before that the CIA is screening Synecdoche New York. I'm also going to change my furnace filter. Yesss. Nothing special in store for Tuesday (except work work work), but Wednesday my cleaning folks come (last week had to be rescheduled) and Sam Roberts Band is playing at the Grog Shop. Thursday is another blank day on my calendar (any suggestions?), but Friday is the latest opening at Artchitecture (featuring the work of Tes One) and a show at Matinee featuring Beaten Awake. Most importantly, the Film Festival's tix go onsale to regular schlubs like us that can't afford memberships or crazy VIP packages. Saturday is a very cool literature reading at Mac's Backs and a screening of one of my favorite films, Purple Rain, at the Cedar-Lee as a part of their cult series. Finally, to kick things off next week, the Music Saves team is DJing brunch at the Beachland and, later that night, a sure-fire entertaining show is booked for the same stage: Dent May/Afternoon Naps/Houseguest.

Turn off your TV and go to some of this shit.

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