Monday, March 2, 2009


Yesterday I had a somewhat spontaneously lovely day. I slept in, did a little work, the drove over to Tremont to meet up with a couple friend to see a performance by Theater Ninjas of Sarah Kane's Crave at Asterisk Gallery.

I'm a very part-time indie theater enthusiast, though I'll admit that since moving to the east side my play-going has diminished dramatically. From Tremont to Detroit Avenue is a rich stretch of live theater that you can't help but miss if you live in Ohio City, thanks to places like Convergence-Continuum, Cleveland Public Theater, and other groups. Isn't quite the same thing over here in Cleveland Heights, though the film action is much better. Swaps, I guess.

Anyway, my pal runs Asterisk Gallery and he and his better half invited me to join them for the performance. I did and it was tremendous. The acting is tremendous, especially the guy who performs what would seem to be the role of the older male character in the suit, and the whole crew did a laudable job of interpreting a very difficult script into the unique physical space Asterisk presented. I have a healthy appreciation for the arts in all its forms, but until you see folks up close and personal excelling at their craft it reminds you how special you need to be to really execute in a great way like they have. This is not some high school class play shit here, folks.

The show runs for another week and then that's it! Curtains. So, following the advice I closed the last post with, if you think you might be anywhere around the west side this coming weekend, make plans to see this with a friend. The show isn't terribly long, the price is very reasonable, the venue is cool, the acting is tremendous and bold, and it beats the hell out of watching reruns of something on Bravo while you are waiting to meet your friends at the bar. Folks like the ones in Theater Ninjas are doing great things in Cleveland, but you'll only know it if you go see it. So prove you are really a Clevo booster and show up, for this or for anything else.

You can get tix here.

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ikg.agent said...

Wholeheartedly second that motion. Have 3 kids and don't get out too much. My time off the kids circuit is precious. Would definitely go there if I had to do it all over again. Considering the fact that the original script has no stage direction makes the end product doubly interesting. You get to sense and relive what the actors are showing, it is that good. Great fun and very cathartic at the same time.