Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Smelly Ellie: A Photographic Retrospective

You asked for it, folks. To be precise, someone with the blogger profile "keep eating..." asked for it. No matter, for I am always happy to take advantage of an opportunity to brag on my beloved dogder. My only regret is that I only have pictures from the last year and half on this computer. Maybe some day I'll update with some toddler photos. I don't think I have any digital photos of her infacy. She's 5 & 6 in all the photos that follow.

Without further ado, here is my Smelly...


About to bury a bone:

Waiting for a friend to come over and play:

Napping in a cocoon:

Cuddling with her new friend:

Patiently trying on new winter sweaters:

Pretending to be her daddy's alarm clock:

Chilling in dad's office:

Surveying this winter's first snow:

Relaxing after a nice snack:

Getting ready to wrestle:

Making love to her other friend:

Sleeping in the car:

And, to wrap things up, celebrating Christmas 2008:


Kelly and José said...

Your "dodger" is absolutely adorable :)


keep eating... said...

She is so cute! I also have a beagle, his name is Hank.

-Kim (keep eating..)

CC said...

i want to squish her face!!! she is too cute!

Christine said...

oh boy, do i get stupid over cute dog pictures....

CB said...

Me too.

CB said...

Hank is an excellent name for a beagle. I dig it. Well done.

Anonymous said...

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