Sunday, February 22, 2009

Recession Relief?

So I decided to compile a list (again) of the best food/drink/entertainment steals and deals in the area, to help us maintain our social calendars even while our wallets diminish.

Problem is ... I still don't know a lot. So, anyone have any tips? Obviously there are routine happy hours, but I'm really interested in specials that exist on certain days. Like the reduced price tickets and beers on 3rd Mondays at the Cedar-Lee or taco night at favorite pubs or what have you.

So, comment away, por favor.


Stephanie said...

Hm ... here's some:

On Mondays, all movies, all day are $5 at the Cleveland Cinemas (Shaker Square, Cedar Lee, etc.). Cheap beer may only be an occasional thing, though.

On Thursdays, steak dinners at Prosperity are $10. Good for cheap dates with carnivores.

1/3 Movie Night at Bela Dubby: Free movies the first and third Thursday nights of the month. Next up - the films of Charles and Ray Eames:

Now That's Class used to show movies on Sunday nights, Visible Voice has their Thursday night Radio Socials, and the downtown library's writers series is often worth keeping an eye on.

Christine said...

Unless it's changed recently, City Roast coffee at the West Side Market is either $1 off per pound or half-price per pound on Mondays. I can't remember which - it's some kind of discount.

paulius said...

Ohio City Pasta, by 1 lb. get one free on mondays at the market too!

CB said...

Excellent - this is exactly what I was hoping for!

I didn't know about the steak deal at Prosperity on Thursdays, though I did know that Wednesdays are $3 off $12 entree night.

The Bela Dubby night is awesome, and I'm totally bummed that Thursday is the single worst night of the week for me. I can't ever do anything before 10:30, and by then I often don't really want to.

Visible Voice also has an interesting free monthly movie night, curated by the guys that used to do the Fourth Wall radio show. Tomorrow (2/25) is the next one, with flicks at 615 and 815.