Thursday, February 5, 2009

Morning After Brain-deadedness

I was out last night, celebrating in fine style(see next blog post). I fell asleep pretty quickly after getting home, but then woke up and slept only fitfully the rest of the night. This seems to happen when I "celebrate" these days.

When the alarm finally went off, I slowly went about my morning ritual, finding the simple tasks to take a bit more time and thought than usual.

Driving to work, I was probably about halfway there, when I said to myself (aloud), "I'm hungry." Short pause, and then, also aloud- "I have donuts in my desk drawer. Awesome."

At the time I was listening to Phosphorescent's new Willie Nelson tribute album and started to appreciate the genius of the red-headed stranger, and the hunger/donut appreciation faded. Until I was about two blocks from work, when ... "I'm hungry." Followed a short time later with ... "I have donuts in my desk drawer. Awesome."

Then I got a crazy call, dealt with that, walked to my office, and forgot I was hungry. For like 15 minutes. Until ... "I'm hungry." Followed by ... "I have ... ... Awesome."

Why do I have donuts in my desk drawer, you might be asking? Well, Tuesday I had a meeting with some folks and the last few interactions have been a little more tense than they ought to be. Since I'm allegedly in charge, I figured things getting lightened up would be my task, so I bought a dozen Krispy Kremes at the convenient store before coming in to work that day. But then I remembered how much shit those little bastards cause that I ridiculously have to deal with, so I decided not to bring the donuts to my meeting. Instead, the dozen went inside my desk drawer. But now there are only ten.

Okay, nine.

You got me.

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