Monday, January 26, 2009

Wanna Hang Out?

OK, so listening to a bunch of bands online today and reading posts from some of my favorite bloggers around town has me thinking about all the cool stuff I want to do this spring, culture-wise. I'm usually cool with checking this stuff out by myself, but it is always (ok, sometimes) preferable to do it with someone. So, if any of the stuff below strikes your fancy or interest, give me holler and we can maybe meet up. (FYI - In case you are a bit dense, the bold stuff is definitely on my calendar - the rest are events I can be easily talked/arm-twisted into.)


1/27 - Anya Marina & The Virgins @ the Grog Shop
2/12 - JJ Magazine @ Matinee (Cleveland)
2/19 - Obi Best/Muttering Retreats @ Beachland
2/22 - Revival Dear/Pale Hollow/Good Touch Bad Touch @ Beachland
2/24 - Juana Molina @ the Grog Shop
2/27 - Whiskey Daredevils @ Beachland
2/28 - Don Caballero & DD/MM/YYYY @ the Grog Shop
3/1 - Tokyo Police Club/Harlem Shakes @ the Grog Shop

3/2 - Phosphorescent @ Beachland
3/4 - Sam Roberts Band @ the Grog Shop
3/8 - Dent May/Afternoon Naps/Houseguest @ Beachland
3/11 - Cotton Jones @ Beachland
3/12 - Downtown Soulville (DJ) @ Beachland
3/14 - Unsparing Sea/Wussy @ Beachland
3/20 - Child Bite/The Hot Rails @ Beachland
3/25 - Passion Pit/Cut Off Your Hands/Ra Ra Riot @ Musica in Akron
3/29 - Brian Jonestown Massacre @ the Grog Shop

1/31 - Akira Kurosawa marathon @ CSU (Sanjuro, Seven Samurai, Throne of Blood, & Hidden Fortress)
2/1 - Otto @ CIA (unless some awesome Super Bowl thing comes up)
2/2 - The Wrestler @ Cedar-Lee
2/9 - Waltz with Bashir @ Cedar-Lee
2/11 - Miguel Delgado's Santo and Blue Demon versus El Doctor Frankenstein @ CSU
2/14 - Dr. Zhivago @ CIA (unless some awesome girl comes up)
2/15 - Truffaut's Shoot the Piano Player @ CIA
2/18 - John Moxley's The City of the Dead @ CSU
2/20 - 6 in Paris @ CIA
2/25 - Takashi Miike's Dead or Alive @ CSU
2/27 - Riptide @ CIA
2/28 - The Wild Child @ CIA
2/28 - Grindhouse Marathon @ CSU (Vanishing Point, The Stunt Man, Planet Terror, & Death Proof)
3/2 - Wendy & Lucy @ Cedar-Lee
3/9 - The Class @ Cedar-Lee
3/16 - Che @ Cedar-Lee
3/19 - Zidane @ bela dubby in Lakewood
PLUS all the awesomeness there is at the Cleveland International Film Festival through the end of March!

Art & Poetry:
1/30 - SPACES opening on the west side
2/13 - Asterisk Gallery party in Tremont
2/17 - Static Snow installation at Asterisk Gallery in Tremont
2/22 - Theater Ninjas @ Asterisk
2/26 - Jericho Brown/Terrance Hayes reading @ CSU
3/6 - Artchitecture opening
3/13- Akron Art Museum Art and Ale event
3/13 - Asterisk/Doubting Thomas opening


Kelly and José said...

Thank you for putting these events on our radar, especially the Obi Best/Muttering Retreats show and the Asterisk Opening -- we will most definitely be joining you for those*


CB said...

My pleasure, K/J!

Also, I just added a few new films to the list today, too, playing in a cool series CSU has going on this spring.

Bridget Callahan said...

What's the deal with that reading thing at CSU on the 26th? Huh? And that Bela Dubby thing (since I'm five minutes away from that)?

Open Mike night at Edison's tonight! You will not be there because of some semblance of sickness, but hey, I reminded you! I did my part!

CB said...

The reading thing is part of the CSU poetry center series that almost always brings in awesome young "academic" poets to town. And the Bela Dubby thing is super cool, they have a really well-thought out film series sponsored by some local design group. I only put on one event from each because my schedule conflicts with every other reading at CSU and every other film at bela dubby. But if either thing is your cultural jam, check out the respective website for sure!