Monday, January 26, 2009

not much

That's what I've been up to the last couple days. Woke up with the return of this terrible throat thing that's been afflicting me ever since I lost my voice singing along to Purple Rain while driving with my two best grad school pals from Houston to New Orleans a few weeks ago (totally true story), and have laid low pretty much ever since, mostly because it hurts to talk and when I do it sounds ridiculous. The good thing is that, for a few days before I'm finally healed, I'll have the awesomest deep voice ever, or at least since Barry White. Then I'll be back to my normal wussy self.

Anyway, the last two days I've napped like a mofo. And gone to bed early. Last night I went to bed at 830! And this was after taking a nap in the shower! I think I'm probably fighting off something, doing a little Bush Doctrine preventative warfare against something insidious that has yet to reveal itself, a Darth Maul sort of flu thing. Hopefully my slacker theory of medicine will prove the superior jedi.

Just in case that "nap in the shower" thing took you by surprise, I should fill you in. Well, I probably shouldn't, but I will, because right now my choice is that or write professionally, and I'm still warming up those skills this morning. (Or "morning" since it is well past noon already.) Anyway, for more years than I can count, whenever I'm either stressed out about something or trying to think some work-related issue through, I find myself laying down in the bath tub, turning on the shower, and letting it go until the hot water runs out. On particularly bad or thought-filled days, this might happen 2-3 times, but usually it is just a one time thing. Most times, by the time the water turns lukewarm, I'm relaxed and/or have found a solution to whatever it was I'd been pondering. That's it really. Nothing dirty or fancy, but just enough to give those of you that've met me a mild stomach-ache.

Today my one major activity - a business lunch over buffalo wings - was postponed till Friday, so my day is now entirely free. I burned through my two netflix films yesterday (Happiness and the Luna rockumentary, Tell Me Do You Love Me) yesterday, so now I'm just listening to myspace pages of bands coming through Clevo in the coming weeks that I may or may not have an interest in seeing. And eventually I'll do some real work. Or as real as it gets for me. I have a super-exciting memo to write, a couple dull emails that still need to be carefully worded to compose, and some pressing facebook revisions to make. Big day, really. Anyone want to switch lives?

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