Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Great Day!

Many words will be, and already have been, written about the historic nature and importance of today's ceremony celebrating the peaceful transition of power from George W. Bush to the 44th president of the American republic, Barack Obama. I cannot match the eloquence or brilliance of many of these writers, and won't even try.

Instead, I'll offer you congratulations. If you are reading this today, it means you were not one of the literally millions of world citizens, at home in the United States and abroad, whose lives were ruined or ended ignominiously and tragically by the actions and sometimes inaction of this last terrible administration. Congratulations for making it, for not being done in by the bastards. And good luck with the future. Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, American or alien - every sincere, serious one of us is hoping that our new president will succeed. Not because we are fans or fellow partisans, but because we all desperately need him to.

The 8 year bad dream is over. In the words of Ronald Reagan circa 1984, it is again morning in America.

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