Monday, April 28, 2008

Advice needed

So, my blogger friends, I come to you in need of advice.

The last two years of my life have been extraordinarily eventful and stressful (though not all "bad" stress). Finally, this summer I have the time and means (relatively speaking) to take a nice vacation.

Even though I'm not a beach kind of guy, I really just want to go somewhere for like a week with beaches and bars. I'm kinda thinking about one of those all-inclusive deals, but where it is ok to go by yourself. I'm used to traveling solo to urban areas - and love it - so I'm figuring going to a resort to recharge by myself wouldn't be that weird. But still, I don't want to end up at some family friendly Club Med place or some ridiculous sexcapade in Jamaica or something either.

Any tips? Experiences to share? Companies you've used in the past to book the entire package through?



The Happy Scribe said...

honolulu - just stay away from waikiki, and head to nuuanu's gallery bars in downtown instead, then to the north shore/waimanalo if you want fun beaches without the icky tourist factor.

well, if you had a week...

for a weekend thing - puerto rico or puerta vallarta. :)

Alexa said...

i have had a lot of luck with apple vacations for all inclusive packages. the one iberostar hotel i stayed at in the riveria maya was HEAVEN!!!

Chef's Widow said...

If you do all inclusive make sure you ask to see a menu of food and drinks- we did all inclusive in Punta Cana and I ate plantains all week long. Not to mention that they didn't have vodka or any beer or wine that wasn't from the DR.

CB said...

Thanks for the tips! The pre-purchase investigation of the food/booze stuff is a GREAT idea that I'd never have thought of otherwise.