Monday, April 28, 2008

All Hail the Polish Boy

Since I moved to Clevo I've been asking friends and strangers what, if anything, was a local dish. Usually I receive blank stares. Sometimes foolish responses, like Cincinnati chili or Ukrainian food. A little less than half the time, the person realizes that something with a proper noun indicating an entirely different geographic location (whether a city in south-west Ohio or a nation in the former Soviet republics) probably isn't consistent with the whole "local" thrust of my question. The other 60% or so of the time, this simply fails to register.

Today, no thanks to the slow-witted, I found the answer.

The glorious polish boy.

Actually, I don't really like the sandwich all that much. At least in sandwich form. I like all the ingredients (i.e., coleslaw, bbq sauce, french fries, fried polish sausage) alone, for sure.

But whatever. It is a fun and messy beast to eat and I enjoyed my first today, thanks to the good folks at Burton's BBQ and to the guy that sends out the Cleveland Epicure email every Sunday. I'd have never known this little slice of heaven exists mere blocks from my apartment otherwise.

In the future (and yes, there will be a future for Burton's BBQ and I), I'll probably stick with the fish and sides, but for today I wanted to go with gusto, and the polish boy and a slice of sticky lemon cake sounded quite a lot like gusto to me.

Go check it out.

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