Friday, April 11, 2008

TGIF, mild edition

I made it through another week. Yesss.

Not a whole lot in store for this weekend. Actually, I take that back - there are a bunch of things in store for the weekend, but none of them are particularly crazy.

I'm going to spend today working from home, but after I work up the nerve to shower I'll probably do a quick lap around my Ohio City hot-spots (i.e., grab a to-go coffee from Talkies, visit the West Side Market, stop for chat and a beer at the Glass Bubble, etc.). This evening is Art Walk in Tremont, and I'm gonna go with Tina. Her friend is curating or in some way responsible for the show at Doubting Thomas, and despite its fundamental emphasis on male genitals, I guess I'll be supportive and go. I'm more looking forward to the Blakxtraploitationism show at Asterisk Gallery. It is a multi-artist exhibit that promises to be very political and thoughtful, and also features some work by an artist whose work I have in my home. After that, we may hop over to Lakewood to see 1/2 of Unsparing Sea play at Bela Dubby.

Tomorrow morning, more work for me, then a couple hours of being interviewed by this company that I guess does stock interviews about timely topics and then sells them to cable networks. Tomorrow I have to perform credibly as an expert on immigration policy, the shrinking middle class, and some new identification chip that can be installed under the skin. I know, WTF? ID chips under the skin? If there is anything good that politically motivated evangelicals could possibly do, it is to stop that plan. You know, mark of the beast and shit.

After the interview, it'll be back home to change out of the suit, and then probably over to the museum district. I want to check out Blade Runner at the CIA Cinematheque, and in the time I have to wait maybe I'll visit one of the other cultural institutions nearby. More likely I'll end up ogling old pictures at the Barking Spider.

Sunday will be down-time day. Maybe take advantage of the Getting Started Workshop at the Apple store in Legacy Village to learn my way around this new MacBook Pro my employer finally allowed me to purchase with my start-up funds. The new machine came in a few weeks ago, but this is the first time I've been able to try seriously to start transferring my life over from one computer to another. What a pain, right? Anyway, I've always been a PC person, so the transfer is doubly inconvenient, though all the Mac freaks I know assure me it is worth it. Whatever. I just got it so more nerdy-sexy cafe chicks will think I'm hot. The bad beard and beer belly aren't working. Fortunately, when the IT folks signed off on my purchase, they mandated I sign up for Apple Care, which gives me a well-regarded warranty package but also access to the genius bar and all the other wonderful resources our local Apple store provides. Might as well take advantage -- all told, the thing cost me about $3500 bucks. Or, rather, it cost you, dear reader and taxpayer, $3500 bucks. So thank you. Sincerely. I promise to work hard.

After that, I'm hoping to catch Chicago 10 at the Cedar-Lee. Maybe treat myself to a piece of chocolate beet cake at Jimmy O'Neills afterward. I don't know, that might be a little too out of control.

So there you have it. An exciting weekend with Cleveland Bachelor. It involved walking around, snagging free drinks at gallery openings and hoping tasteful dives at the cheese plate(s) will keep me sober (though knowing it won't), catching $5 shows at venues populated with folks 10 years younger and 10 times cooler than me, participating in marathon policy expert interviews, watching classic sci-fi at art-house theaters, looking forward to animated movies about 60s-era social protest, and maybe, just maybe, bringing it all home with a piece of cake made out of beets. Also, let us not forget about the computer class.

If anyone ever wonders how I've made it this far with no serious threat of someone marrying me, I think a quick re-reading of the previous paragraph will lay that befuddlement to rest.

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