Friday, February 22, 2008


That's it. I cannot take it any longer.

I give.

Today, I turned on my heat.

I haven't taken that specific action since some time in either 1999 or 2000.

I was on the phone with some scheduling or producer dude from Fox, shivering as I answered his questions.

Even though I was wearing a sweater and jeans. And a jacket.

So I gave in. I turned on the heat, set it at 72 (which is probably too warm, right?), and bundled off to my co-favorite place in Cleveand: the West Side Market.

After perusing the produce and picking up some blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, organic greens, spinach, vine tomatoes, and some beautiful sweet peppers, I went inside. Bumped into a gal I've met a couple of times through, chatted about poetry and underground literary publishing opportunities, and then did my indoor shopping. Picked up some asiago bread, a bunch of pierogis, a couple different kinds of funky chicken sausage (feta/spinach and blue cheese/hot pepper), though I forgot the apple-cured salami atop my list.

Now I'm home, basking in the gas heat, trying not to count the pennies that are warming my skin as I enjoy a cup of delicious lobster bisque from Souper Market. Yum.


Christine said...

Man, you almost made it til March.

You can't leave that detail - talking with some producer from Fox - unexplained!

Alexa said...

i agree with christine. what were you talking to the producer about??

Cleveland Bachelor said...

Oh, that does read a little vague and mysterious, doesn't it. My bad.

Sadly, I'm not in development talks about some new sit-com or talk show. That would be cool. Instead, the local affiliate is just looking for folks to do election night analysis after the Obama/Clinton and Kucinich/Cimperman et al. battles early next month.

However, I am semi-proud to announce the heat only stayed on about 12 hours.