Friday, February 29, 2008


Be it resolved that, unless the dudes from FOX call and want me to do the election analysis thing after all, today - February 29, 2008 - is the day I began regrowing my 'stache.

(circa last spring - nice neck, huh? that's Texas eatin' for you)

Why, you might ask, would I want to do a thing like that. Here are my reasons:

First of all, I miss it.

Second of all, it takes a little while to get one growing, and the first couple-three weeks are pretty rough. My next important professional obligation isn't till early April, so I have a good month to start growing. Also, the first week or two, when I'm most self-conscious about the hair percolating out of my upper lip, I'll be either just giving exams or on spring break. By the time break ends, mid-March, I'll have a head start on keeping my cool.

Third, and most important, Steve from Shoparooni told me at the Beachland the other night about his store's planned Cinco de Moustache fest in May. I'm down. For sure. I may not win anything, indeed, I most certainly will not, but this is one competition where I will feel good about myself for just participating. Before this, I've always rejected the whole "all that matters is how you feel" notion of competing in things from art contests to 5ks to the job market. If you are in it, you should win it. Or at least want to. You know, go hard or go home and all that shit. Blah blah blah. Whatever. You get my point.

But that era is over. Now I'm nurturing ill-advised and almost certainly unattractive facial hair all for an internal warm-and-fuzzy, a "most improved player" valentine from me to myself/I.

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