Sunday, February 24, 2008

Film Festival Excitement

Anyone else excited about the film fest next month?

'Cause I sure am.

I've spent hours looking at the program, weighing options, maximizing schedule utility, etc. I am determined to be ready when the opportunity to purchase tickets presents itself tomorrow.

Right now, I'm most excited about Russian Triangle (Russia), Cargo 200 (Russia), My Brother is an Only Child (Italian), Eduart (Greek/German), and Exodus (UK). There are a few documentaries high on my list, including Cool School (about the 1950s LA art scene), What We Do Is Secret (about the rise and fall of 70s punk icons, The Germs), Orange Chronicles (about the Ukrainian 2004 presidential election aka Orange Revolution), Return of the Cuyahoga (a local eco-documentary about said river), Swing State (about Ohio elections), Public Enemy: Welcome to the Terrordome, One Bad Cat (about local legend Reverend Albert Wagner), Battle in Seattle (about the WTO protests), Bomb It! (about graffiti art), and Super Noble Brothers (about an eccentric Milwaukee art family). There are even some fun-looking romantic comedies (my filmic guilty pleasure and weakness), such as Love Songs (France), In Search of a Midnight Kiss (USA), Metrosexual (USA), Entry Level (USA), and Gone With the Woman (Norway).

Others that look to be enjoyable (to me) include:
- two-part Icelandic art film "Children/Parents"
- an American mafia hit man film "Stiletto"
- a French drama/suspense film "Bluff"
- an Icelandic Procedural "Jar City"
- a take on academic life in "Lianna"
- a tale of Polish WWII atrocities "Katyn"
- an Indonesian horror/crime saga "Dead Time"
- "The Class," an Estonian entry about bullies
- an interesting Danish piece called "White Night"
- a Norweigian comedy about therapy titled "Art of Negative Thinking"
- a Danish sci-fi thriller "Substitute"
- a story of a Venezuelan revolutionary, "Postcards from Leningrad"
- "Big Man Japan," a comedy about Japanese super heroes
- "Unspeakable," a kidnap thriller produced here in the 216
- "Mongol," a multi-national sprawl about Genghis Khan

If you feel like catching a good movie or two, and any of the above strike your fancy -- especially the first few titles I mentioned -- let me know. I'm always game for company.

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