Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The storm descends...

Cue ominous music and cable-ready election/snowstorm graphics now.

As just about everyone in NEO and most politically sentient Americans know, Cleveland is ground zero for the presidential primary battle. Barack versus Hillary, do or die time for Senator Clinton as she gets one last high-profile chance to take a shot at the surging, inspirational Obama.

It is a really exciting time for Cleveland State, and for me, too. I've been listed as a faculty expert -- quite reasonably, if I don't say so myself -- and have spent much of the last few days and literally all day today fielding interviews. Today I started with a radio interview on an AM station in San Francisco, my highlight of the afternoon was a TV interview with Australian Public Television in a makeshift studio the cameraman built in the conference room across from my office, and I just finished a long and really fun chat with a writer from the Japanese equivalent of the Wall Street Journal.

There are a few more things on tap and, of course, the actual debate, and then yours truly is going home for a sweet night of sleep. In the meantime, though, how cool is this that CSU has been selected to host what looks to be the most intense hour-and-a-half of politics this primary season?

That was a rhetorical question, of course, but if you are the type that doesn't like to be left hanging, here's an answer:


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