Thursday, February 28, 2008



I am tired.

It has been a week, a long week. And it is only Thursday.

Fortunately, I technically have the day off.

I say "technically" because I will not be making the trek of despair to my office, but instead sitting on my happy ass typing from home. Or maybe from Talkies.

In celebration of this loooooooong week being officially through, I was all set for the excitement of Bar Cento's Rock and Roll Wine Project night.

But... I didn't want to go by myself and my lately lame friend has once again successfully made the switch from obsessively cuddling with one ex-girlfriend to another, so he bailed on me at the last second. Literally, the last second, as I was walking down the block from the rapid station to Bar Cento.

I sighed, said "whatever" and trudged onward. As I strode up to the door, I looked inside, heard the great music and saw all the happy people, and just didn't have the heart to go solo. So I continued my trudging down to the Old Angle, where I slurped a weak and super black peppery Bloody Mary while waiting for a to-go order.

Now, I'm sitting around, already full from the pureed asparagus and goat cheese soup (some bar food, right?) and wondering why I ordered that and the house meatloaf dish. Oh, that's right, because it said it was covered in a mushroom and sausage gravy. Yum. Oh well, I guess I know what I'm having for lunch tomorrow.

I'm off to bed. Though less fun, it is probably a smarter option than a night of wining and dining. Besides, I'm going out tomorrow and have to head down to the thriving metropolis of Alliance, Ohio, at the crack of dawn on Saturday.

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Chef's Widow said...

You should have gone to Cento- it was good fun!